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even though it says it can work

its not working on mac

just go to newgrounds

is this among us? my friend said this is among us



Shut up



Tankman do the Ugh 


lol what am I even doing

this is better than normal XD

its suk cus the update so play it on there



wiy can't i play

can any of you send me a website link for this mod it wont let me download i

tankman i will kill your kind




im pico

my baby gon 4 the night

Go Pico


am a cat

in a box

the cat said




nooooooomonnooooooooooooooooooooloooooooqooqvjaibnaknsi jsidb ndhhdin8alfhamb


Can you make a website port since I cannot download this







l download it and nope it did not


it won't let me play


so much fun wont to see more:)

ugm              cool



this wont allow me to download and play. is there another link.

this not for mac or linux or android only for windows

i tryed


you are the lowest of low.


wdym ?


using someone else's mod to make a profit, if I was you I'd take this down and make one myself.

like an original idea, you know what I mean.


Hello maker of this mod, i know this isn't us but you made it accessible through Linux, i suggest you do not try to scalp a free mod or try to drive a price for your own profit as it leads to a scam and some lawsuits if you try to make a living off a free other version of this game/mod. and also this mod was made on game banana so please credit the original creators for their talent as you are heavily milking your own prices into a already made mod.

its free

its says name your price

on top its should say no thanks take me to downlods

oh it works now thanks 

Wait why can you download this on android?

idk, u just can

but does it work?

also stop publishing mods from other people and asking people to donate for you for your own benefit, at least make sure people know you are not the maker of these mods, even though you're probally gonna ignore this reply.

trailer for my new mod today will be out soon!

I almost did i




(1 edit)

yo get in contact with snipergaming was taken theyve uploaded browser mods

i all redy do 


browser plesss


Can you please make this on browser please!

(1 edit)

how do u open a zip file

u dont rofl, u extract the files to open the folder lolol

i forgot how to do the modding can 1 of yall help me im on desktop

hey it says mac but whenever i try to play it kicks me out did i do somthing wrong?

Idk man

Hey I love this mod. Maybe you could make the Friday Night Funkin Sarvente MOD (FULL WEEK) theres not any full sarvente mod's by the way the Sarvente Mod Is Basically The Nun Mod in friday night funkin!

Sure I can make it. Actually...I have already made it...I was gonna post it today.. but since I had alot of work today. I couldn`t post it. I am gonna post it.



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